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Hi my name is Mike and I’m photo enthusiast living in beautiful Orange County NY and Nikon user for past 16 years. Welcome to my gallery where I showcase my personal and for profit photography. I have during that years use Nikon 35mm system and now DSLR.I have in my passion to photography entered NYIP course in 1996 and hold IFPO freelancer membership as well. I see photography as being custodian of my time and my family life to record as it unfolds year by year. I enjoy mostly portraiture, nature, close ups, landscape photography and like to travel. I live in USA for past 20 years and become USA citizen this year. I’m originally from Poland and my first camera and venture in to picture making was at age 28 going on Florida vacation with my first 35mm compact camera Canon Sure Shot 105.
Starting in 2008 I decided to extend my skills to become custodian of other people life and events they like to commemorate in ever lasting photographs. I have started doing professional photo assignments in weddings, family, events and general photography. If anyone is interested in obtaining digital only work along competitive pricing please contact me at certainlypro@gmail.com

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